10 Tips for Maintaining Plumbing Services

10 Tips for Maintaining Plumbing Services

DIY installations and fixes are, at times, a solution to some plumbing problems. It is important to maintain your plumbing to avoid major problems in the future. We made this guide to help you learn some fixing tips to help you repair and maintain your plumbing services.

Most people do not spend their precious time thinking about their plumbing services or maintaining them. But when a problem occurs, we run up and down, trying to get a solution. It is not easy to deal with plumbing problems. Check out some 10 tips to maintain plumbing services.

  • Plumbing problems

Plumbing problems are a must in every home. Although some problems are due to aging fixtures, others are caused by improper maintenance and use.

  • Leaking pipes

This is a common problem. Leaking pipes can be caused by pipe corrosion, stubborn clogs, joint pipe damage, and cracked pipes.

  • Low water pressure

Minimum water pressure may be a result of pipe corrosion, sewer clogs, and blocked sewer lines.

  • Water heater problems

Hot water is essential in any home. Homeowners can be facing a colossal plumbing crisis when water heaters cannot provide hot water. Water heaters problems can be as a result of;

  1. Corrosion in the system
  2. Loose electrical connections
  3. Poor water heater installation
  4. Heating features failures
  • Use a good plunger

Without a good plunger, you are unable to deliver exceptional results. Plungers exist in various forms. There are low-quality plungers and high-quality plungers. A good plunger relieves a sink clog quickly, thus saving on time. It’s better to handle a clogged sink by yourself, possibly by the use of a quality plunger.

  • Don’t pour oil and grease in the Drain. 

Avoid pouring oily substances down your sink or Drain. Grease and oil will accumulate in the sink. At first, you won’t notice. The grease and oil will clog your pipes and create serious problems. Think about the effects of oil before pouring it down your Drain. A blocked drain can cost you so much to repair it. Choose a safe disposal method. You can let the fat solidify and later throw it in your compost bin.

  • Avoid the use of Chemical Drain Cleaners. 

Chemical drain cleaners are a threat to your sinks and drains. Chemical drain cleaners are advertised as the best due to their immediate effect after use. This is why most people use them. Although they are more productive, they can do more harm. 

If you need to get rid of any type of a pesky clog, I prefer you use the bio one drain cleaning agent. Bio one is a non-caustic safe drain cleaner. Bio one dissolves organic matter without causing much harm inside your pipes with the use of a natural bacteria. Use Bio one at least once a month after unclogging your pipes.

  • Keep your pipes warm during winter.

During winter, the temperatures tend to go down. This makes your pipes to freeze. Freezing pipes can easily burst. Replacing them is very costly. To avoid such incidents, insulate most of the outside plumbing lines. Keep warm water running when the outside temperatures go below the freezing point. 

Additionally, you can keep your home’s HVAC system set to 55 degrees throughout the winter season to prevent the pipes from getting cold. Take advantage of the warm months to come up with better solutions.

  • Replace leaking fixtures

Repair any dripping showers, running bathrooms, or any minor plumbing issue right away. Do not ignore any leaking fixtures as they can seriously affect your water bill. Also, simple leaks can grow into more severe leaks if not quickly handled. Look for a way to fix the simple leaks. If the problem persists, involve a plumber to repair it. 

  • Find a reliable 24 hours of emergency plumbing services.

Find a reliable plumbing company to help solve your plumbing problems. The company should be ready to show up at any time, be it at night or daytime.

Final Words

Make good use of all the preventive measures to keep your plumbing fixtures in good condition. If the problem persists, contact a plumber immediately. Never assume any problem as it may grow into a more severe problem. I have outlined the essential tips that will help you to fix your fixtures. Seek help from a professional plumber if need be.