What is a plumber

What is a plumber?

A plumber is someone who has the knowledge and skills to install and maintain pipes. Plumbers also maintain fixtures such as sinks, bathtubs, and toilets. Other experienced plumbers train learners and sometimes supervise other workers. You can either choose between part-time or full-time jobs.

Who is a plumber, and what does he do? That is what we are going to find out. Plumbing is a rewarding career, and it has a vast number of career paths. Plumbers fix and repair pipes, sinks, and bath tabs. In most cases, plumbers work alongside architects to avoid expensive mistakes. Some people want to take plumbing as a career but are not sure of what plumbers do. This article describes more on plumbing.

What services do plumbers provide?

Plumbers can provide different tasks. A good plumber should repair, install, and replace different fixtures such as taps, bathtubs, and sinks.

  • Repair leaks

Leaks are widespread in most households. Signs of leaks include; damp ceilings, floors, or stained walls. Although several tutorials on how to fix leaks are on the internet, some issues require the help of a plumber. Always call a plumber as some leaks are not easy to spot.

  • Pipe installation and replacement

Leaking pipes can cause more significant structural problems if not repaired quickly. Also, it can make repairs costlier. Plumbers can educate you on when to replace old pipes.

  • Clean drainages

Kitchen sinks and bathrooms tend to accumulate dirt over time. Get a plumber to clean your drainages regularly.

  • Sewer repair

Plumbers can efficiently deal with sewerage repairs based on their knowledge and tools. Invite a plumber to check on your sewers in case of any foul smell.

How can you become a plumber?

To become a qualified plumber, you need years of training and practice. You need to have a high school education for licensing. This is because plumbers need a basic understanding of math and geometry. Some local colleges offer associates degrees in plumbing, but you can also become a plumber through apprenticeship. Apprentices learn the skills on-site. You work on real systems with skilled people. After gaining enough knowledge, you can be sent out for work without supervision. Also, you will receive an apprentice’s license.

Tips for choosing a plumber

When choosing a plumbing service, consider the following;

  • Consider the price you have to pay for the plumbing service. You are not required to use too much money to get quality services
  • Consult from your friends to get in touch with the best plumber
  • Choose a plumbing service that offers 24-hour services
  • Check on the list of services that a plumbing firm offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does it take to qualify as a plumber?

A: It takes between four to seven years for one to become a qualified plumber. You have to begin with an associate’s degree or a trade school diploma. This takes about one or two years. You can also learn through an apprenticeship, which takes four to five years.

Q: What are the working conditions of plumbers?

A: Working conditions of a plumber tend to vary. Some may have to work during irregular hours, e.g., evenings, public holidays, or even weekends. You may also work overtime. However, you will be well compensated if you work overtime. Plumbing emergencies require you to be on call. As a plumber, you should be ready to work in all types of weather conditions, different heights, and outdoors. A plumber is susceptible to various injuries such as falls, burns, and cuts. You should be ready to work in environments such as confined places, natural gas lines, and electrical work.

Q: Is plumbing an excellent job?

A: If you have the required qualities and skills, plumbing can be a very significant career. This is because plumbing salaries vary on one’s experience. They receive a salary that is higher than other construction workers. However, Plumbers are ranked among the least satisfying careers. The dangers associated with the work, the negative public perception, among others, are some of the factors that make plumbing a minor career. 

Final Words

Plumbers play an essential role in our lives. If you are interested in becoming a plumber, I hope you now have ideas on what to expect and the type of services that plumbers provide.